Serena Dimensions Training

Lovell & Mercier is able to provide customized on-site Serena Dimensions training classes. All of our training classes are custom classes tailored to meet the clients actual needs. We review your existing Control Plan and develop training classes that utilize your Request Types, your Item Types, your Lifecycles, etc. These training classes are not generic classes based on "HR" or "Ice Cream" examples.

The list of Dimensions classes currently offered include:

Dimensions CM Fundamentals
Dimensions CM Version Management
Dimensions CM Change Management
Dimensions CM DMPMCLI
Dimensions CM PDIFF
Dimensions CM Build/Deploy



Lovell & Mercier offers specialized workshops ranging from half day to two days. These workshops provide attendees with in-depth hands-on exposure to most of the capabilities and functions within Dimensions. The workshops are held at your site, using your Dimensions CM environment, and are hands-on. And, we can develop a custom workshop to address specific customer needs.

The list of workshops is constantly growing. The current list of available workshops include:

Using Baselines and Releases in Dimensions CM
Developer Training for Dimensions CM
Dimensions CM Data Interface File Format (PDIFF)
Developing Triggers in Dimensions
The Dimensions CM Web-Client
The Dimensions CM PC-Client
The Dimensions CM Administration Console