Lovell & Mercier, Inc. (L&M) has been hosting a Technical Seminar program, Optimize Your Investment in Dimensions CM, for over ten years. This Technical Seminar Program has been offered in locations across the country, and is free to all attendees. The sessions are usually one hour in length and are targeted to Dimensions CM Administrators, providing insight on how Dimensions Administrators can utilize existing capabilities in Dimensions CM to improve their Dimensions CM environment.

This is your chance to be heard - please let us know which of these seminar topics are of most interest to you and your organization. And please let Lovell & Mercier know if you would like to see Seminars address other aspects of Dimensions CM. As well, please let Lovell & Mercier know if you would like to have a FREE seminar presented in your area or for your company.


L&M Technical Seminars a year topics, among many others, include:

PDIFF Fundamentals

Advanced PDIFF

DMCLI Fundamentals

Advanced DMCLI

DMPMCLI Fundamentals

Advanced DMPMCLI

Build/Deploy Fundamentals

Advanced Build/Deploy

Understanding the Dimensions CM Schema

Developing Dimensions CM Custom Interfaces